How fitting coming off a summer week of fun in the sun, including one of my favorite pastimes – SWIMMING! Not only do we love that the beautiful weather leads to time outdoors and a much needed vitamin d boosts, but the time spent in water draws a nice parallel to the final installment of our focus on the Fusion core values – Just Keep Swimming!

The quote made famous by the adorable movie, Finding Nemo, Just Keep Swimming is a playful way to remind us that no matter what – did you read that loud enough?? No. Matter. What. – don’t give up! Keep pushing through…keep persevering…keep knowing that sometimes, if all you can take is one more step, it’s one step closer to achieving your goal!

At Fusion, after spending weeks diving into the values of an organization dedicated to the fitness, wellness and relationships of the kids and families we serve, we need to make sure you know we believe in you! And you can do this – whatever “this” means to you!

Just Keep Swimming is our reminder to you that you grow in the moments when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway! Pause, breathe, cry if you have to, but NEVER GIVE UP!!

Thank you for digging into the values that guide us along our journey of ensuring your kids gain fitness, focus and friendships with Fusion Athletics! And if we haven’t met you in person, yet, well… what are you waiting for?! Now is the perfect time to join the leaders in fitness, tumbling and ninja training for kids to make sure your kids have an AWESOME future!!