The coach’s creed

On my honor, I do promise…

  • To model excellent sportsmanship and lead by example
  • To ensure your child’s emotional and physical wellbeing
  • To recognize each athlete’s hard work and effort above and beyond the skills developed on the mat
  • To congratulate your athlete when they are kind to others
  • To provide your child training that helps them excel in LIFE
  • To be the best coach I can be – the coach your child deserves!


At Fusion Athletics, we have a PASSION for giving kids an unfair advantage in life and it’s our honor to coach your child!


In the words of our coaches, it’s our honor to coach your child because…

“It’s rewarding to watch them overcome challenges and gain confidence at the same time.”

  • Coach Kristina

“They’re always happy to be at class…the kids are kind and funny and make my day better.”

  • Coach Mallory

“I get the opportunity to watch them gain confidence and share the excitement with them when they gain new skills.”

  • Coach Jordan

“I get to watch your child work as hard as they possibly can to learn new skills and progress.”

  • Coach Alex

“I get to coach kids on fostering an environment rich in inclusion and friendship and help them build life skills that enhance the lives of everyone with whom they interact.”

  • Coach Jen

“I get to teach kids that hard work pays off.  There’s nothing they can’t accomplish through hard work and a belief in themselves and others.  I’m honored to be able to help them work to their full potential.”

  • Coach Kim


It’s no wonder the coaches and staff of Fusion Athletics feel this way – the desire to fuse talent and spirit has been present since day one.  Leading by example begins with our Owner and Program Director, Melissa Brauer, who shared this heartfelt thought:

“It’s an honor to coach your child because there is nothing better than seeing a child succeed, on or off the mat.  Regardless if it’s gaining a skill or working through a struggle at home, being a positive part of a child’s life is the greatest gift.  I love watching your child grow!”

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