Spotlight on Natalie!!

As coaches and parents, nothing give us the thrill of success like recognizing an athlete who clearly excels on and off the mat.  And at Fusion Athletics, where we pride ourselves on instilling life skills in our athletes, Natalie exemplifies all we hope for and work toward.

In a heartwarming conversation with Natalie’s mom, Kris, we recognized Natalie’s hard work, determination, leadership and all she’s accomplished because of her work ethic and AMAZING attitude.  Truth be told, if we could clone her, we would!

Here, we summarize Kris’s thoughts on Natalie’s transformation since her time with Fusion Athletics.

Natalie has become more outgoing since beginning cheer. She has formed strong friendships at school as well as at cheer. Her teachers comment that she often goes out of her way to help a classmate who is struggling or play with a student who is alone at recess.  Also, working with the athletes on Team Shine has brought out the compassionate side of Natalie. Young children love being around her because she is silly, fun, patient, and understanding. Teamwork has been instilled in Natalie because of cheer leading.

While Natalie has a huge heart, she is a also a very competitive individual. While she is still competitive, she now thinks more about being a teammate than winning. She’s learned the importance of time management…making sure schoolwork and responsibilities at home all fit into her daily schedule (so she can go to cheer stress-free!) Natalie’s also learned how important it is to take care of her body…eating balanced meals, healthy snacks, and drinking plenty of water

We often promise that taking classes or joining team with Fusion will help our athletes feel more confident when trying new things outside of the gym.  Natalie is no exception! Believe it or not, Natalie gained the confidence through cheer to try her hand at the recorder.  But this isn’t your “three blind mice” typical recorder experience! While learning to play the recorder, Natalie was the only student in her music class to master all the levels. She earned a “black belt” in recorder karate and was asked to perform a solo at the school’s Spring Concert. She confidently performed Ode to Joy.

Making the claim that we’re preparing our athletes for their FUTURE is something we’re honored to fulfill.  We asked Kris whether she believes Natalie’s experience with Fusion will make a difference on her future and she had this to say:

“Fusion is instilling values and work ethic within a future leader. Natalie has learned the value of hard work. She has experienced firsthand the benefits of what hard work can accomplish–the feeling of victory, 2 trips to The Summit, a jacket, a ring, and a load of medals. Although those are all wonderful, she also knows that winning is about much more than that. Fusion has pushed her to put her best foot forward every time she walks into practice or on to the competition mat. Natalie has learned that each athlete has their own strengths that he or she brings to a team, and how these strengths help the team as a whole. She has learned the importance of helping and encouraging a fellow teammate for the good of the team. I could go on…timeliness, organization, focus…”

Natalie is having just as much impact on us as we’re happy to be having on her – we feel like we have a front row seat to watching this young lady soar.  We simply can’t wait to see where her future takes her and we’re honored Natalie and her family has chosen Fusion Athletics as her home away from home!

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