Spotlight on Mia

The progress this athlete has made can’t be ignored.

She walked in the door at the beginning of the season a little shy, a little “in her shell,” a little “can I hide in the background.”  Fast forward six months later, and while she’s shrunk in some ways (spoiler alert – she’s leaner, per her mom), she’s grown in many ways – all of them evident in simply observing her with her teammates and coaches.

In a candid conversation with Mia’s mom, we learned about her journey this season.  Mom, Stacie, considers herself “not a writer” but truly encapsulated everything we could possibly hope for each of our athletes in her recount of Mia’s first season with Fusion Athletics.  Our goal is to impact athletes in ways that transcend athletics and impacts their lives outside the gym.  Here’ is Mia’s story…

“Prior to moving to Green Bay three years ago, Mia enjoyed performing and competing with a local dance team. She also found it easy to form friendships and was well liked by teachers and peers. Upon moving and changing schools, a lot changed. Mia was struggling. She spoke little of friends, grades were suffering and although I enrolled her in a dance program, it was non-competitive and not exciting to Mia.

Two years later we were referred to Fusion Athletics. We originally just signed up for a six-week trial. From day one, class one, Mia was obsessed. Every day of the six weeks she would ask me, “Am I going to the gym today?” After the second week, I realized that I needed to allow her to move forward and join a team. She had found a place where she felt she fit in.

We have only been with Fusion Athletics for one year but the changes I have seen in Mia are phenomenal. Mia’s confidence level has gone through the roof. Mia has gone from failing math to a report card of all As and Bs. She has become more outgoing at school and at the gym, she is building friendships and her health and fitness level has improved tremendously.

Mia is noticeably stronger and leaner.

Fusion Athletics has encouraged Mia’s ‘don’t quit ‘ attitude and has pushed her to succeed physically and emotionally.
It is my belief that becoming part of a team at Fusion Athletics has improved Mia’s overall joy and changed her life for the better.”

Everything Mia’s mom shared is no exaggeration.  Just a couple weeks ago, during team practice, Mia fought through an especially difficult workout.  That girl…DID. NOT. QUIT.   Watching Mia is an amazing experience – she’s truly transformed in one season.

When we offer fitness, focus, and fun, we mean it.  So the question is, why not your child? What are you waiting for? #joinus

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