Now that you’re channeling your inner “Aretha” it’s time for us to talk about the power word of the month: RESPECT!!

Respect is a pillar at Fusion Athletics! Respect for teammates, respect for the sport, and most importantly respect for the self.

Let’s dive in!
Respect for the teammates – does this really need any explanation? Probably not. It’s pretty clear. In sports like cheer, tumbling, and ninja warrior, respect for our teammates and fellow athletes goes hand in hand with the trust we put in each other to support us, work with us, and challenge us to be the best version of ourselves. Treating our teammates with respect means abiding by the “golden rule” – treating others the way we each want to be treated.

Respect for the sport…Let’s face it, these sports and activities are HARD!! They take work, discipline, tenacity, and drive. They are no joke! No disrespect (see what I did there) to any other sport or activity, the disciplines we teach at Fusion Athletics are some of the most physically and mentally challenging, yet REWARDING ones out there. The look on an athlete’s face when they’ve accomplished their goal – it’s unmatched. WE should all have mad respect for these sports!

Finally – respect for the SELF. Ahhh, the thing that’s often forgotten and falls to the wayside…taking care of one’s SELF. It’s so important. But what does it mean? It means being KIND to yourself, CHALLENGING yourself, and COMPLIMENTING yourself. Treat yourself the way you’d treat others – hold yourself to high standards, forgive yourself when you slip, and get back up when you fall.

Comment below with how your athlete has learned to demonstrate RESPECT through their awesome experiences at Fusion Athletics! Till next time… 😊

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