Master Your Monday with these THREE easy hacks!!

You, hey you! I know what you’re thinking…probably what I’m thinking.

It’s Sunday night and tomorrow is…(suspenseful music…) MONDAY.  Waaaaah I don’t want to Monday!

(BTW, if you’re reading this on Monday, that’s ok…keep reading – you can still use the info you’re about to read.)

We get it; Monday’s aren’t the greatest.  In fact, sometimes they seem like the absolute worst.  It seems like the weekend just flew by with not nearly enough R&R.  Maybe you did some household chores, caught up on laundry, or a Netflix binge, and now here we are, looking down the barrel of another work week, whether you’re ready for it or not.  You probably work, run kids to cheer and activities, try to keep up on the house, and look forward to the weekend when you can…relax?  Well, if you’re anything like me, you just considered your next two weeks and realized there’s not a lot of R&R in front of you.

We’re here to help.  No, we can’t clear your schedule and book you a 2-week vacation to somewhere tropical.  We can’t even clear your Monday.  But here, we can provide you THREE awesome tips for “Mastering Your Monday” – the key to an awesome start to a week!

  1. Never miss a Monday – even if it’s only 15 minutes, get a little activity in and do it first! According to the HuffPost (yes, we did just cite the HP!) some of the world’s most successful people cross their workout off their to-do list first thing in the morning! Have you ever heard of Mark Zuckerberg (dude, he created Facebook…)? He kicks off three days a week with a morning run. If it’s good enough for Zuckerberg, it’s good enough for you!
  2. Make your to-do list, and make sure your least pleasant task is #1 on that list. By getting done the least desirable task first, you’ll feel accomplished right off the bat, making everything else seem easy-peasy.
  3. Be prepared for the 3:00 slump… It hits us all, maybe at 3:00, maybe 3:30, maybe even 4:00…but it hits us. You start to feel a little sluggish, and start thinking, “Hmmm do I have a dollar in quarters laying around, because those chili-cheese Fritos are calling my name!” DON’T DO IT!! Pack a snack of some protein and a healthy carb to survive the afternoon.  Need some inspiration? A piece of string cheese (On Wisconsin!) and an apple, a small handful of almonds and a banana, celery sticks and some almond butter… all easy to pack, will stabilize your blood sugar, and you’ll like yourself better – I promise.

It’s not Monday’s fault…really, it isn’t.  In this way-too-busy world, we’re packing more things into our schedules than ever before.  Add to that, the non-productive social media time, and we’re behind the eight-ball before we even hit the snooze button…the first time.  Can’t do all three? Pick one (and make it the exercise…just a little bit pays HUGE dividends throughout the day.  Plus, from personal experience, it will give you the biggest bang for your buck for your manic Monday, trust me!

Fear not, friends! Friday is only five days away! We can do it!!

Master Your Monday! And win your week!

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