Keep your chin UP!! (Literally!!)

This week, I was hanging out for the very short wait for our friendly neighborhood chiropractor to pop in for my visit.  I had just enough time to read his blog, and wow, am I glad I did!!

How many times have you ever noticed that you’ve been working away at your computer or on your phone or tablet and as you raise your head to look up and out ahead of you, whammo, pain!!  A stiff neck – from too much downward looking, mostly at electronics (but it happens to me when I read a book, too) – is the worst! And as it turns out, this poor posture and hanging head can impact a lot more than how our body feels…it can impact how our mind feels too.

To borrow a little bit from the post from Dr. Chad Hoffman, of Lifestyle Chiropractic, it turns out:

Maintaining upright posture can help you maintain a good mood, think positively, improve self-esteem and handle stress more rationally by focusing on what is happening in your surroundings versus your own feelings. So, next time you’re feeling particular negative or moody, keep your chin up and focus on your posture and your position.

In addition to the great mental benefits of good posture, sitting up straight also increases the amount of air that can actually fit in your lungs, allowing you to take nice deep breaths. It also puts less stress and pressure on your neck and shoulders, which can help offset tension headaches.

This information is equally (or even more!!) important to consider with regard to our young ones, who spend hours on electronics or working on homework, once the school year starts. They, too, need a reminder to hold their head high, stand straighter, take a couple deep breaths, and inject a couple minutes of movement at a minimum into sedentary hours.

It only took three minutes from the time I closed the door to the room I was in, but I’m glad I had those three minutes to read such interesting information that will help me and my kiddos – both those I’m raising and those I coach – stay healthier with such a little effort!

Don’t forget – Dr. Chad is only a phone call away at 920-499-3333.  As a special partner to Fusion Athletics, he can help ensure the overall well being of your athlete as we head into another busy school and competition year!  And to read the whole post on keeping your chin up, click here.

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