Hole? Or Whole?

There’s a phrase that we’ve been tossing around lately at Fusion Athletics. You may have heard it. We’ve started proclaiming that we focus on the “whole athlete.” While we explained this concept on a recent edition of the Fusion Feature, we thought it deserved some attention out here, too.

So what do we mean when we say the “Whole Athlete”?

Well, let’s start with what we don’t mean.

Certain coaching styles, leadership styles, and communication styles can leave athletes with holes. Tearing an athlete down, always focusing on the negative, and disregard for the stressors they have outside of the gym is a surefire way to leave an athlete full of holes that weaken their most valuable skills – resiliency, tenacity, and grit.

Picture this comparison, a wiffleball versus a baseball… A wiffleball, which is full of holes, can’t be thrown very far, can’t be hit very far and is easy to crack. A baseball on the other hand, due to its solid and sturdy nature, can be thrown very hard, hit very far, and can strongly withstand the rigors of it sport! A baseball is whole, a wiffleball is full of holes.

That brings us back to the whole athlete. Focusing on an athlete’s scholastics, his or her stresses outside the gym, encouraging mental and physical strength within the gym, and overall supportive coaching, produces the greatest chance of success for that athlete – in ALL they do.

Youth sports is a small fraction of an individual’s overall life, maybe a total of ten years out of eighty!? So when choosing the sport and coaching team that’s right for your athlete, don’t only evaluate whether the coach will produce the best baseball player, track star, golfer, or cheerleader – ask yourself, “Is this coach focusing on the WHOLE athlete? Is this coach working hard to make sure that my child will be the best version of his/herself on and OFF the field, track, greens, or mat?”

Don’t know where to look or how to start? We can help! We’ll collaborate with you the whole way to build up your whole athlete.

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