Celebrating Independence

Stand in the center of Fusion Athletics massive indoor gym space and what do you see? To the untrained eye (HAHA) you might point out the obvious – thousands of square feet of space for athletes to focus on fitness and fun, a 15 foot tumble track to build jumps and work skills, a GIANT warped wall with an assist bar so it’s fun for ALL ages, a TON of mats that have proven themselves quite versatile – they not only assist with tumbling and fitness, but also make amazing obstacles during an intense game of Hot Lava – and much, much more! Weights, stretching bands, ninja mats, candlesticks…you get the point, we’ve got a LOT to help athletes build fitness and focus, all while having FUN!!

But look a little closer and what might you see? You know, it’s like one of those pictures that at first glance you see a vase and the next thing you know you see two creepy faces nose to nose.  Ok, so it’s not exactly like that, but you get my point…or maybe you don’t. So let me tell you, if you saw the other image, like the two vases, what you might see.

You’d see…

…the little ninja who runs up the wall for the first time all by himself and grabs the support bar, slides back down with a smile that screams, “VICTORY!”

…the tiny tumbler who does her front walk over for the first time all by herself without a spotter and finishes it, realizes what she just did, and begins screaming and jumping in complete triumph.

… the athlete who, after months of preparation and nerves, takes the floor for the first time with a look of pride and excitement as she sneaks a wave to her parents in the audience.

… the sweaty, smiley face that yells, “Did you see me?!” to her mom after running out of her first class.

… the athlete who increased their push-ups by one…more…rep

…the boy who made a new friend in Ninja class when he walked up and introduced himself

…the group of kids at Open Gym who organized a game of Ninja tag and the other group who organized a game of House.

Everywhere you look, you’d see kids taking the initiative to try something new or challenging, whether that means earning a new skill or making a new friend.  You see, at Fusion Athletics, we encourage INDEPENDENCE.  We encourage it and we coach to it.  And then we celebrate it.

Come celebrate with us.  #joinus

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