A shining STAR – Sapphira

We’re back with another heartwarming story placing a spotlight on a talented young woman who’s been proudly part of our program for two seasons! This time, the spotlight is on Sapphira, an athlete on Team Shine, and recently crowned Wisconsin Miss Amazing!

Sapphira, affectionately referred to as Sophie or Soph by many of her teammates and friends at Fusion, has been in cheer for a total of three years.  While starting her cheer career at another gym, Soph’s family were referred to us by another athlete’s mom.  Since switching to Fusion, Sapphira’s mom, Annie explains they’re so glad they made the change.  Here, Annie shares her thoughts on Soph’s experience with Fusion:

“Sapphira has been with Fusion Athletics for two years, and I don’t see any end in sight. Since she has started with Fusion her confidence has grown, her anxiety over certain things is down, and she is so proud of herself and her friends. We’ve noticed her being more of a leader and encouraging athletes on her cheer team, as well as athletes on her Special Olympics team, in school, and her group at Expressive Therapies.

Her goal for next season is to be an angel!

Her leadership skills at home have also blossomed. She strives to be a role model for her cousins, as well as encouraging to them. The friendships she has gained through cheer are amazing! She actually has written multiple stories on cheer for school – it’s one of her favorite subjects.”

As coaches and staff members, we agree wholeheartedly that Sapphira’s confidence, communication, and leadership have grown.  She’s looked to by her teammates as a leader and sets a great example for all who interact with her.  With a recent run at Miss Amazing, Soph was crowned Wisconsin Miss Amazing and will advance to the national competition in Chicago, IL in August.

Watching Sapphira SHINE has been a true joy and we simply couldn’t be prouder to be part of her story.  This girl is going places, just you watch!!

This girl is going places, just you watch!!

Do YOU want to be as successful as Soph? Follow her advice: “Come to Fusion Athletics, listen to your coaches, and to help your teammates.”  We agree, Sapphira, we agree!

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